Water Damage Photo Gallery

Window Well Accidentally Gets Filled with Water

The moral of this story is to make sure your garden hose does not get left in in a window well.  That is what happened to this family's home. Unbeknownst to them their garden hose has been left on a little bit and slowly filled the window well to the point it leaked inside the house.

Water Leak Damaged Baseboards and Flooring in a Springville Salon

A broken pipe in a salon located in Springville, UT caused quite a bit of damage.  The leak effected the flooring, baseboards, and unfinished basement.  The floor was able to be dried and saved but the paint on the baseboards was bubbled and they were warped and hard to be replaced.

Drying Wet Carpet Quickly

If you have ever experienced a flood in your home you know how long it can take for your carpet to dry. SERVPRO can help with that!  Give SERVPRO a call and we will get the water extracted quickly for you and we will set up air dryers throughout the effected area and leave them at your home working until the moisture is all gone. Our customers are always please with the quick thorough results SERVPRO can offer.

Flooded Living Room

Next time you have a flood give SERVPRO a call.  Sure you can spend the entire day (or longer) sucking water out of your carpet with your shopvac or you can call SERVPRO we can have have the water extracted within a couple hours and the carpet dry by the end of the day!

Water Damage in Church, Provo

SERVPRO of Provo was called in it was discovered a water heater under a sink malfunctioned sending water into surrounding rooms. SERVPRO mitigated the water damage, replaced the old water heater, and rebuilt the cabinet.

Church with a Missing Roof

When it rains, it pours right? This church was in the middle of getting its roof replaced when we experienced one of the biggest rain storms of the year. Result, soggy insulation, sagging ceiling tiles and an overall mess.

No one plans on a disaster so it is never convenient.  But when water damage happens to your home or business SERVPRO is ready to help you take control.  We at SERVPRO of Provo have experience in all types of water damage problems.  No matter the size large or small SERVPRO can perform water extraction services and continue the drying process to like make water damage "Like it never even happened."